10 Celebrity Mascots For Popular Travel Destinations

Oh, you’re going to Spain for vacation? That’s nice. I’m going to visit George Clooney.

1. Cancun, Mexico - Ke$ha

Her life is basically one never-ending college spring break, after all.

2. New York City, New York - Leighton Meester

Nothing says Manhattan quite like Blair Waldorf’s headband.

3. London, England - Emma Watson

Both the city and the Harry Potter star are classic and timeless.

4. Amsterdam, Netherlands - Miley Cyrus

These two are a match made in heaven. La da de da de, indeed.

5. Lake Como, Italy - George Clooney

Obvious? Yes. Perfect? Yes.

6. Barbados - Rihanna

Her Instagram feed of this year’s carnival was basically one big promotion for the island.

7. Athens, Greece - Lindsay Lohan

The only thing that has crumbled more than Greece’s economy in the past few years is Lindsay’s career.

8. Disneyland, Orlando, Florida - Taylor Swift

No matter how old each get, they’ll always appeal to those who are young at heart.

9. Washington, D.C. - Kerry Washington

I mean… have you seen Scandal? Kerry pretty much owns Washington, even if it’s only fictional.

10. Paris, France - Gwenyth Paltrow

Chic, posh, and fashionable? Check. A touch of snobbiness? Check.

11. The Universe - Beyonce

Oh, the universe isn’t a feasible travel destination yet? Well, when it is, Beyonce already has dibs.

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