6 Reasons Why You Should Watch The Next Winter Olympics

“I’m so excited for the Winter Olympics!” said NO BRITON EVER. But it’s time to change that. Curling-lover or not, here are 7 reasons why the Sochi Games will provide you with first class entertainment.

1. Cool Runnings 2: the Coolest Run Yet

The Jamaican Bobsled team is pretty much guaranteed a spot in Sochi. Yes, this is a good reason for you to spend next Saturday night at home to watch this amazing Disney classic and eat jerk chicken.

2. “Swordfighting” will make its Olympic debut

These are the men’s toilets at the Sochi Biathlon Centre.

3. The Norwegian Curling Team’s Uniforms

In 2010, they brought us the crazy pants. This year, they’re taking it up a notch with this “barbershop quartet” look. Let’s put it that way: it WILL brighten your gloomy February.

4. These guys will get Putin’s panties in a bunch

They’re the band playing at the speed skating oval and they want to play YMCA in support for gay rights.

They also have the same tailor as the Norwegian curling team.

5. The mascots are kind of cute…

… we all know where the inspiration came from.

7. Oh, and Team GB might actually win something

At least if we believe this epic trailer.

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