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14 Animals Who Were Totally Not Expecting That

These furry critters just came out to have a good time and are honestly feeling so attacked right now.

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1. This cat who just wanted to, um, play with the fish in the bowl, not get attacked by a giant flying shark:

2. These deer who just wanted to graze and enjoy the nice day, not get attacked from above by a lion:

3. This bunny who just wanted to contemplate the meaning of life, not be charged at by his younger neurotic sibling:

4. This red panda who just wanted to take a peaceful stroll, not be pounced upon by a hidden foe:

5. This pug, who thought this music box was cool until he realized it was all lies:

6. This corgi who just wanted to play with her friend, not, well, this:

7. This baby horse who was just thrust into the world and really needs a minute before he sees anything else:

8. This owl who cannot believe you would say that to his face:

9. This dog who is completely surprised by this cow's unwanted advances:

10. This cat who was resting oh so peacefully, but was disturbed by an overly energetic friend:

11. This monkey who wants to know when you bought another monkey and why it looks just like him:

12. This cat who just wanted to know how the shiny metal box produced warm crispy bread but her curiosity betrayed her:

13. This hamster who will never ever exercise again because it isn't worth it:

14. And, of course, this red panda who was having a great day until the man with the big black boots scared him half to death:

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