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The New York Rangers Are Easily The Most Attractive Team In The NHL

Can you win every game? No. Can you be attractive, win or lose? YOU BET!

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We all love hockey for our own reasons. Whether you grew up cheering on your team or found the fast-paced sport later in life, I think we can all agree that player attractiveness only adds to the experience. The New York Rangers have really embraced this idea for the 2013/2014 season.

Let's start with the obvious. The King Of New York - Henrik Lundqvist.


Google "Hottest Man in Hockey" and you're bound to come across some photos of Hank. If you have to ask "Why?" I hope your insurance covers the corrective lenses you obviously require.

(He also has a twin. Lord help us all.)

Are you more interested in lips that you thought only existed in explicitly descriptive fan-fiction? Please enjoy John Moore's mouth area.

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I honestly don't care if he wants to lick my toes or bite my earlobes, if it involves his mouth it's allowed.

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