How You Know You’re A “Supernatural” Fan

Come on, admit it.

1. Pie is not a joking matter.

Never underestimate the power of pie.

2. You agree with Dean. Sam…just no.

Crazy son of a bitch.

3. Whenever you pose for a silly picture you go for the “Blue Steel” look.

And yes, Dean does it better than Zoolander.

4. “Heat of the Moment” was at one point your Tuesday alarm clock song.

Because why not?

5. You’ll never have as much swag as Ash.

Seriously what an awesome dude.

6. Castiel is your spirit animal.

How can you not adore this little bugger?

7. You still think it’s hilarious that Dean Winchester, hunter of creatures galore, is afraid of riding on airplanes.

It’s okay Dean, we still love you.

8. This is possibly one of the most terrifying sentences in the English language.

You know why.

9. Ghostfacers

10. Bobby makes you unnecessarily emotional sometimes.

11. Whenever “Eye of the Tiger” comes on, you bust out the moves.

12. Whenever one word is uttered, the other follows.

13. The Trickster/Gabriel was annoying when he was around, but now you really miss the guy.

C’mon, he was pretty funny.

14. “Changing Channels”

15. Seriously though…that episode

16. Just everything about Crowley

17. Death is more of a character than you imagined.

18. This is the world’s best insult, and yes, you use it.

19. Nobody understands the significance of this.

20. You laughed when somebody finally said it.

21. This makes you sad

22. You wish you could make faces that were half as amazing

23. You’re trying to perfect your “bitch face”

How are they all so good at it?

24. You want to be best friends with the writers

25. This was one of the most hilarious moments ever

26. You’d do anything to ride shotgun in the Impala

Metallica blasting and all

27. Pig n’ a Poke

29. This is how you dance when “Carry On Wayward Son” comes on

30. You know the truth…

31. Still laughing about this being an actual scene

32. “Son of a bitch”

33. Bobby in general

34. “Idjits” is now a part of your everyday vocabulary


36. You still wonder how both of them kept a straight face

37. Is Gabriel attractive or is it just me?

38. Your reaction when you hear anyone out in public talking about Supernatural

39. You don’t get how anyone couldn’t like the show

40. I mean just look at them…

41. How can you deny those faces?

42. But whatever more for you!

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