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What It's Like To Be An English Nerd

“The person, be it gentleman or lady, who has not pleasure in a good novel, must be intolerably stupid.” -Jane Austen

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1. You feel bad for people who are not nerds because it's truly a wonderful lifestyle

2. You love to read

3. You always resonated with Matilda as a child

4. When someone claims that reading is lame it personally offends you

5. You're witty and your vocabulary is incredible

6. You've always wanted a classic typewriter

7. E-books will never be your thing, it's just not the same

8. Grammar is your friend

9. You know the correct instances in which to use these words: your/you're and they're/their/there

10. When you find a spelling mistake in a book

11. If you love to read, then you probably enjoy writing

12. Maybe your goal is to be a published novelist

13. You laugh when people say writing is "easy" or having an English major is a joke

14. You're forever deleting and rewriting your pieces

15. You stay up late thinking of new characters and plots

16. Because of this you're not exactly a morning person

17. You listen in on the conversations strangers have and sometimes hear something perfect to include in a story

18. Sometimes you adore your own character so much that you actually start to fall in love with him/her

19. Which makes you reevaluate your story a bit...

20. When you look back at your work and it's pretty awesome

21. When you're reading and a beloved character suddenly dies

22. When people are hating on your favorite character or book for no particular reason

23. Trying to think of an original story and realizing that all of your ideas have already been taken

24. Always having new story ideas, but struggling with the endings

25. When you emerge from your room after a particularly long writing/reading session

26. When someone tries to distract you while you're in writing mode

27. When that one excruciatingly slow and illiterate student volunteers to read out loud

28. When people can't keep up with your literary references

29. How your family and friends probably see you

30. Your dream is to have a home library and a wonderful reading nook like this one

31. Keep doin' you fellow nerds!

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