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The Stages Of Being Drunk

We've all been there

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1. When you realize that it's Friday

2. Your friends ask what you want to do tonight

3. Your over protective roommate talks to you before you leave

4. What you're thinking as you talk to her

5. Turns out your friend's alcohol was $15 and disgusting

6. But luckily somebody offers to share something better

7. Trying to convince your friend to have another shot with you

8. When the alcohol starts to kick in and you're like

9. Then the hugs start

10. And the dancing

11. Being stupidly excited to see someone you're barely friends with

12. Joining a random conversation and pretending to know what they're talking about

13. Then you get bored so you start doing this in your chair

14. Someone asks if you're good

15. You grab another drink and show how graceful you truly are

16. Someone talking to you is being a little flirty

17. You notice that they're pretty cute

18. You suggest moving into the other room

19. You're turned down because you're "too drunk" and become jealous of happy couples

20. You decide to get some fresh air

21. And run into some person you'd rather not be talking to

22. Looking for your friend and walking in on some people getting busy...

23. You find your friend crying over some guy

24. You make a bad choice, giving her more to drink

25. Your logic when somebody tries to take away your drink

26. Feeling that hangover the next day

27. Hearing about all of the stupid shit you did

28. Temporarily vowing to never drink but then remembering how fun it is

29. Until next Friday?

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