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88 One Direction Memories

In celebration of One Direction's fifth album (crazy I know), here is a massive throwback for you OG fans.

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1. Remember the good old days of One Direction?

2. Back when there were no worries?

3. Back when nobody knew who they were....

(Yes that's me...)

(Yes that's me...)

4. Let's take a trip back...

5. Remember this adorable photo shoot combining two of our favorite things...

6. And later inspired some hilarious memes

7. How about the Inbetweeners dance?

8. Remember when Zayn forgot how to speak?

9. Remember when Niall refused to participate in the interview?

10. Remember when this happened and our hearts exploded?

11. Remember the obsession with how Harry pronounced "us"

12. Remember the boys interrupting a lovely dinner at the X Factor house

13. The orange beanie...and the scandalous rumors saying Harry wore beanies to signal that he had sex with someone...? Still don't understand that one

14. Niall being himself

15. Remember when Zayn got super hype over maracas?

16. DJ Malik and DJ Tommo rocking the house

17. Louis being himself

18. This sexual dance including two of our favs, Harry and Ed

19. When this picture happened and sparked Harry's hipster awakening...

20. Liam's signature dance move

21. When this happened....

22. When this happened and everyone died

23. When Harry and Louis cooked together and it was clear who the pro was...

24. Must I remind you...

View this video on YouTube

25. Baby Lux

26. The LWWY video giving us so much life...and cuteness

27. Niall's signature jump

View this video on YouTube

28. When Harry flashed those 4 nips

29. All of the thrusting...Louis' thrusts in particular

30. When the bromance was allowed...

31. When Niall used to laugh at everything

32. Spin the Harry

33. When Zayn made our hearts skip a beat

34. All of the mischief and mayhem while Paul was trying to keep the boys under control

35. The boys drunk at all of the awards...

36. When Liam showed that booty

37. This hilarious interaction

View this video on YouTube

38. When Harry's plan backfired

39. Harry freaking out because of the fireworks

View this video on YouTube

40. When Louis had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction...

41. ZAP

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42. When Louis was subtly hilarious

43. When Harry wore this and we thought it was outrageous

44. Loving Niall before he got his braces

45. When Liam shaved his head and we all freaked out

46. "Dark," the fanfiction that took us by storm

47. We enjoying making fun of Zerrie

48. The video we all watched endlessly

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49. Stop the traffic and let em through!

50. Pat the dog and screw the lightbulb!

51. The original hilarious and sexy video that somehow turned into this...

View this video on YouTube

52. Punk edits...

53. Harry and Louis suited the look best IMO

54. Directioners v. Directionators (pardon the awful meme)

55. The transition of wardrobe during the TMH tour, turning the boys into sexy baby rockstars

56. All of the hysterical meet and greet pictures

57. When Louis made the biggest mistake of his life

58. When Simon had to fight the American group claiming to be the original One Direction for the name

59. Just close your eyes and enjoy the rollercoaster that is life :) x

60. When Liam's kidney came back to life

61. The origination of the energy juice

62. When Harry hugged Niall during his charity soccer match

63. The boys trying their best to embarrass Harry during his WMYB solo

64. When they had their own milkshake at Milkshake City

65. The shoulder thrust

66. Frat boy Niall

67. The obsession over Josh, Sandy, etc.

68. Harry's One Thing dance

69. The Scottish girl rants

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Here's the second one

70. Harry's casual stroll in the park...

71. The mysterious 1D sharpies

72. All of the hilarious lyric changes

View this video on YouTube

73. When Louis bickered with The Wanted

74. "Hole in the middle of my heart like a Polo" American fans having no idea what this meant

75. Having strong opinions on Haylor and how real it was (psst...not real)

76. And then this happened...

77. How all of us reacted...

78. Alan Carr

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Mammaries too

79. Calling the boys "fetuses" and finding all of the old amazing pictures of them

80. This tragedy

81. The hilariously awful Zayn drawing that somebody taped to their tour bus

82. The dances we all memorized

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83. This historical happening

View this video on YouTube

84. Always being afraid when they went to NYC between Haylor, Niall getting mobbed in his taxi, and...

85. The horrifying Mr. X

86. This incredible relic

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87. My name is Harry and I'm going home!

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88. Byeeeee

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