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46 Everyday Occurrences According To Game Of Thrones

C'mon, you know you can relate.

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1. When you see relatives for the first time in a while

2. When you burn your mouth on coffee

3. Being forced to listen to someone's problems

4. Spotting your crush across the way

5. Skipping the tutorial on new games

6. And quickly regretting that decision

7. Having a meal with your weird cousin

8. Making your boyfriend kill the bugs

9. Meeting new people and feeling very awkward

10. When someone disses your favorite character

11. When you already know somebody's lying to you

12. Walking out after killin that test

13. Seeing someone else flirting with bae

14. The Red Wedding

15. When friends question your alcoholic tendencies

16. Not wanting to share food with the class

17. Knowing you have to wake up early tomorrow

18. When someone bitches about you behind your back

19. Having to deal with the mind games people play

20. When you zone out accidentally staring straight at someone

21. Wanting to be someone's moon

22. When you have to walk into class late

23. Getting hype for the weekend

24. Being forced to talk to your relatives on your phone

25. Attempting to bullshit a response on a test

26. How your friends respond to you when you say you're an English major

27. Trying to act independent and mature around your parents

28. When you're trying to go back to your place and have some fun

29. When your fav show is on hiatus

30. Knowing you look hella fine in your new outfit

31. When your favorite teacher has to give you a bad grade

32. When you have to calm your drunken crying friend down

33. How Southerners really feel about the North

34. When your sibling accuses you of something you didn't do

35. And your parents take your side

36. Meeting a Tinder match in person

37. When you're trying to be healthy but can't deal with life anymore

38. Feeling like you're surrounded by idiots at school

39. How you feel about Zayn leaving One Direction

40. How you feel watching Dexter

41. Trying to get your friends and significant other to bond

42. When someone starts to lecture to you about life

43. Seeing your friend get 100% on a math test

44. When the squad's got your back

45. Talking about someone and then they walk in

46. Being too fab

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