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25 Times Spongebob Was Relevant

You can't hide what's inside!

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1. When you're having a good hair day and feel majestic

2. All of the random shit you do whilst on the phone

3. When the person reading aloud in class is slow as heck and can't pronounce anything

4. The look you give your best friend when something funny happens

5. On the weekends binge watching Netflix and chowing down

6. When your angry mom calls you

7. When your jam comes on

8. When some idiot says something outrageously stupid

9. When the season finale of your favorite show rips your heart in two

10. When you tell a joke and your whole class laughs

11. Playing your favorite music for your mom/dad

12. When you realized Johnny Depp isn't from England (was it just me?!)

13. Important information right here


15. When people are being loud while you're trying to focus on something

16. When someone takes a joke too far

17. Your freshman year of high school

18. The scariest prank you can think of


19. When there are five million trailers before the movie

20. When you're really proud of your new clothes

21. When anyone mentions ravioli

22. Your first paycheck

23. Fangirling over your favorite TV show with a friend

24. When you're in the mood for an exhilarating night

25. When all else fails...Wumbo

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