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    • Emberlyn

      How the fuck can you have played all these Final Fantasy and JRPGs over and over, enough to write guides, and do not understand the plot other than “to save the world from an approaching catastrophe (something to do with crystals)”? SOMETHING TO DO WITH CRYSTALS? Do you have any idea what the Nova Crystallis lore is?  For someone who played all that time in JRPGs and Final Fantasy, you apparently were not paying attention. “Concerns over damage to my personal brand aside, after two weeks playing Bravely in my spare time I’m still just over 20 hours in, and less than halfway done with the game. It’s unclear to me how any reasonably busy person with a full-time job would have the time to finish it in less than a month. And for that matter, how did I ever have the time?” This whole article reads like a ‘gamer girl humbelbrag wow l33t much nerd wow so an adult now, kids playing video games’. You give us a bad name.

    • Emberlyn

      ‘Nothing compared to the frozen hell we’re living in’? What? As a Clevelander, I feel horrible for the people in the south. They are not prepared like we are here in the north. Their infrastructure wasn’t build with snow in mind, for one- and they don’t have all the plows, salt, procedures, protocol, etc., that we do. You can’t even mock them for not being as good driving in the snow- they were never taught or expected to be. 8’-12’ in one storm is a lot, even for Northeast Ohio, much less the South. Come on now. Get off your high horse and show some humility. Plenty of people who need power and medical aid through this could be seriously injured and in danger.

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