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Katie Holmes' Face Is The Perfect Expression Of All Our Anger

If looks could kill, we'd have a national tragedy on our hands.

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At the March Madness Stephen F. Austin vs. Notre Dame game in Brooklyn on Sunday, Katie Holmes was spotted making a face as fierce as fierce could be.


If looks could kill, whoever Katie Holmes is staring at would be dead.

So, what caused the death stare that would stop the grim reaper in his tracks? People had theories.

@Complex_Sports @DaAnsahonSports Tom Cruise is probably sitting across the court 😂

@Complex_Sports I guess #KatieHolmes staring at the guy who caused her to rip up her bracket into a million pieces.

But no matter what the reason, the award-worthy shade that Katie was throwing was pretty damn relatable.

When you order grubhub and you finally reach the delivery estimate time but the food still isn't here

When your internet freezes halfway through the House Of Cards finale.

We've all been there, Katie.

waiting for them to text back like

in summary, Katie is a badass bitch that you don't wanna mess with. Killin' it, Katie, killin' it.

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