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    Moms Are Posting Breastfeeding Selfies In Response To An Anti-Brelfie Critic

    A woman on a talk show called breastfeeding selfie takers "naked exhibitionists," so they exhibited their response.

    During a segment last week on the "breastfeeding selfies" on the U.K. talk show This Morning, journalist Angela Epstein called breastfeed selfie takers "attention-seeking."

    "'It is an attention-seeking spectacle which uses children almost as a commodity, parading them around and saying, 'Isn't it great? I can breastfeed,'" Epstein said. "This whole brelfie cult smacks of naked exhibitionism."

    @itvthismorning Why hide it? We love our breastfeeding journey. It's made us closer #Brelfie #breastfeedingselfie

    The post sparked talk and controversy, but it wasn't until the practice was discussed on This Morning that it became such a widespread internet phenomenon.

    @TheLastLeg #isitok to share my #Brelfie? Of course it is! #normalisebreastfeeding

    The brelfie that coined the hashtag and began the international discussion of breastfeeding on social media was first posted by actress Alyssa Milano back in December.

    "I got really sad about [the negative response]," Milano said on The Talk in December, "because who are we, that now we get upset as human beings if we see a woman feeding her baby?"

    Moms all over the world agreed and responded to Epstein's accusations of belonging to a "brelfie cult" in the way they knew best: With brelfies.

    Why is #brelfie such a big deal? Women have been posting photos of them bottle feeding children for years!

    @bfmamatalk #normalizebreastfeeding #itsnotshowingoff

    @itvthismorning #Brelfies #Brelfie Don't be ashamed ladies!!!!!

    The #brelfie response quickly became international, inspiring brelfies from all over the world:

    Como si nadie hubiese mamado,ni hubiesen dado de No!esto esta dsd q el mundo es mundo!! #Brelfie

    Rough translation: "The world wouldn't be the word if no one breastfed!"

    #Brelfie Ces moments de bonheur quand tu retrouves ton enfant le soir !

    Translation: "These moments of happiness when you return to your child in the evening!"

    In de UK hebben ze het over #brelfie. Wij gebruiken #melfie via @KirstyDensley #borstvoeding

    Translation: "In the UK they are talking about #brelfie. We use #melfie"

    Mi #brelfie con mi #JorgitoFrancisco nuestro primer contacto de amor 😍💑

    Translation: "My #brelfie with my #JorgitoFrancisco our first contact of love"

    For many, brelfies serve to capture a beautiful and important time in their lives:

    Some of the most precious moments each day. #NormalizeBreastfeeding #breastfeedingselfie

    Here's my #Brelfie took it myself. And now i have a beautiful memory that i can look back on if a special time.

    My beautiful big eyed baby girl,why would I want to cover her up?!#brelfie

    For others brelfies are representative of a larger cause:

    Because I aim to #NormalizeBreastfeeding here's a #Brelfie #breastfeedingselfie #practicewhatyoupreach

    No one bats an eye at bottle feeding pics so why do they with #Brelfie 's #ThisMorning

    Some even responded with breastfeeding humor:

    How obscene! Any excuse to get her tits out! #breastfeeding the original #brelfie

    I drink straight from the tap. FU. #breastisbest #breastfeeding #BreastMovement #breastmilk #BreastFeedingSelfie

    Keep 'em coming, ladies.