College Tumblrs And Memes: Superlatives

It seems like every college has its own student-run facebook page or tumblr these days. Here are some “bests”, “mosts”, “worsts”, and “leasts”

1. Most Typical: Colgate College tumblr #mylifeasafoodfanatic

Filled with all the standard complaints about school, roommates, and hook-ups.

2. Biggest Identity Crisis: Dartmouth College

The students at Dartmouth can’t decide if they are workaholic book worms or party loving bros and bras

3. Most unappreciative of the tropical setting: University of Miami memes

Look through these memes and you’ll see that college struggles don’t necessarily disappear with palm trees and sunshine.

4. Most Pretentious/Biggest Complainers: RISD tumblr #onlyatrisd

Its hard being so creative and constantly overshadowed by Brown…

5. Most likely to take yourself too seriously: NYU Local

Ok guys, you’re still in undergrad. Just chill, ok? Lighten up the mood with an occasional funny meme.

6. Most like to have been written by a female WASP: Skidmore College #whatshouldglotzbacallme

Not saying that is doesn’t touch on some universal truths, just saying it has a specific voice.

7. Least likely to conform: Brown University

After doing some heavy research and asking students, it was made clear to me that the “hipster ivy” does not participate in mainstream, communal acts of cyber humor. Instead, I guess they just do this:

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