10 Reasons Why The Tanner Sisters Taught You Everything You Know About Fashion

90s fashion forever!

1. It’s important to develop a signature style

preferably a scrunchie

2. Trends are cyclical

Every true fashionista knows that their favorite styles will be back in style eventually! That’s what attics are for right?

3. Dress your age

You’re only young once, so slut it up while you can, pant suits aren’t going anywhere

4. Patriotism is timeless

So slap on a star spangled sweater

5. Men love women who love sports.. or at least dress like the do

So go google a sports team that rocks whatever color goes well with your favorite scrunchie

6. Investing in cute work out clothes may inspire you to actually work out

Gotta look good to feel good!

7. It’s important to experiment with your look

dress for the life you want not the life you have

8. Flannel is forever

Teenage angst’s answer to the shirt is here to stay

9. Fresh pair of Shades = HBIC

somethings never change

10. And most importantly BE YOU!

Go out there and make your uncle Jesse proud! Show the world how fiercely fearless your bad self is! Just like DJ, Stephanie and Michelle taught you!

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