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Updated on Oct 13, 2018. Posted on Oct 2, 2015

Women Talk About Men's Nipples

“Yeah, you like me sucking your nipples, that’s right!”

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What's the deal with male nipples?

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So, why do men have nipples?

Apparently it's because nipples are developed before genitalia.

Even though they have no real function, they are often an erogenous zone.

But this lady already knew that. She likes to suck on them!

When asked if she thought male nipples were attractive, this woman said she likes 'em small.

Whereas, this woman thinks "small nipples on a man are very odd to me."

Most of the women weren't too stoked on excessive nipple hair, but this woman said "some dudes make the best of it, right? They do those little sun tattoos around the nips."

But the truth finally came out: "I think I just have a grudge against male nipples because they can be out all the time."