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Sorority Recruitment As Told By UnREAL

"Be afraid, okay? Crazy is back."

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When you arrive back on campus, excited to see all of your sisters again

Except the ones who are disaffiliated. You have to wait until after recruitment to hang out with them

Even though it's great to see everyone again, you can't waste any time getting down to business

You hit up all the back-to-school parties

When you get to the frats, almost all the freshmen are already drunk

But you try to talk to them anyway

Some of them are skeptical about greek life, but you try to convince them to keep an open mind

After all, joining a sorority isn't "paying for friends." It's joining a club that leads to awesome opportunities and lifelong friendships

Going through recruitment can be a really positive experience, regardless of whether you end up joining. It's a great way to meet people while also gaining confidence and interview skills

In addition to meeting PNMs on campus, you have recruitment practices. A LOT of recruitment practices

Led by your head of recruitment

Who always tells you to smile bigger

And sing with more enthusiam

And practice your entrances and exits again

Even though it drives you a little crazy sometimes

You respect her for all her hard work, because leading recruitment can be a tough gig a lot of the time

On top of all that, you also have classes to worry about, which can get frustrating

Especially when your professor announces that you'll be having an exam the morning after bid day

Even with all the coffee

And power naps in the library/food court/biology lab/literally everywhere

You're still constantly tired

Sometimes the exhaustion starts to get to you

But when it does, your sisters have your back

Finally, it's the first day of intro rounds. You wake up feeling a little nervous

You meet one of your sisters in her room because she offered to help you with your hair and makeup

You all know you have to bring your A game

So you pump yourselves up and head to the suite

The room looks amazing and is all ready for the PNMs to arrive

The door opens, and the first round of girls come in

You excitedly sit down and begin to talk to one of them

It instantly gets super loud in the suite, and you have a hard time hearing what your PNM is saying

The noise level can get annoying, because your PNM seems like a really cool girl

The fact that there are so many people in the room also means that it can get really hot. You start dripping sweat almost immediately

It's honestly kind of an odd way to meet people

But it's a lot of fun to get to know everyone

There's no better feeling than when you really connect with a PNM

And no worse feeling than when you're in the middle of a really great conversation and time runs out

You only have a few seconds to shuffle everyone out the door, so things can get pretty hectic

At the end of the night, you have to evaluate all the girls you talked to with your other sisters

You have to rank and make tough decisions

It's really hard, because you love all the PNMs

But unfortunately, you can't give everyone a bid

When you see the list of everyone coming back for the next round, and all your favorites are on it

And on preference night, you find out you get to talk to your favorite girl

During preference round, both you and your PNM get very emotional

You reassure her that, even if she doesn't end up joining your sisterhood, you'll still love her

(But you really, really hope she does.)

After pref, you anxiously wait to meet your new sisters

When it's finally bid day, and you see all your favorite girls running toward your sorority

You just can't contain your excitement when meeting all your new sisters

Because you guys rocked recruitment and got the absolute greatest girls

Even though it was stressful, it was definitely worth it

And now you can sit back and celebrate a successful recruitment

(And the fact you don't have to do it again for a whole year.)

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