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A Definitive Ranking Of Olivia Benson's Hairstyles

The dos and don'ts of Benson's 'dos over the years.

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14. The Kate Gosselin (Season 3)

Even Mariska Hargitay agrees that this is far from her best look. In fact, she reveals the haircut almost got her fired. Yikes. It's okay, girl, not everybody was born to rock the spikes.

11. The Flip (Season 6)

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This style is very similar to that of seasons 5 and 6, but it's slightly longer, so it's often flipped back a bit. It's an unusual style, but it surprisingly suits Benson rather nicely.

9. The Spontaneous Snip (Season 15)

Michael Parmelee / Via NBC

This cut is interesting considering the audience actually sees it happen. Benson trims it herself on camera after being held captive in a powerful, horrific scene. It's not a bad look by any means, but the change is kinda disappointing considering how fab it looked before the chop.

7. The Center Stage (Season 17)

Olivia's current look, while pretty, isn't the best she's ever had. She's wearing that middle part with pride, and while she can pull it off, it just feels like a bit of a letdown considering we all know her true hair potential.

6. The Baby Benson (Season 1)

When we first meet Benson, her hair is in a dark bob. Although it can look slightly bowl-cutty at times, it has become iconic, since this is what started it all. It's cute and fitting for Olivia in her rookie stage. Plus, it was the 90's. It could've been much, MUCH worse.

5. The Golden Age (Season 7)

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I refer to this one as the golden age for two reasons: 1) she's got a little blonde in there and 2) this was the season Mariska won her Emmy. It's light and fun and feels like a gateway from the season 1 bob to the season 10 style.

4. The New Mom (Season 16)

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Benson becomes a foster mom this season, and this look suits her new role perfectly. It's simple and professional, a wonderful choice for the working mother that she is. Tasteful, yet sexy: a look that says, "I'm not a regular mom, I'm a cool elite squad mom."

3. The Shampoo Commercial (Seasons 11 and 12)

Although this style gets slightly repetitive considering she wears it almost exactly the same way for two seasons in a row, you can't deny it looks healthy and shiny af. Throughout this era, there is scarcely a hair out of place, its sleek and luxurious nature never failing. She's basically the hair flip emoji come to life.

2. The Bangin' Bangs (Season 8)

Benson takes a risk this season, sporting something unlike we've ever seen before, and it pays off big time. Though the length and bangs can be a potentially dangerous combination, it works extremely well for Olivia here. It projects a mature, hot soccer mom vibe, and it slays.

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