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    Mitt Romney Loves So Many Things

    His name is Mitt Romney, and he has a lot of love to give.

    • 1. Sources of, And Results of, Amusement.

      Sources of, And Results of, Amusement.

      "I love jokes and I love laughing."

    • 2. The Private Sector

      The Private Sector

      "I love the private sector. Some people don't like the private sector. I do. I love you, guys."

    • 3. Junk Food

      Junk Food

      "I love good pretzels and-- peanut M&M's."

    • 4. American Cars

      American Cars

      "I drive American cars, I love American cars."

    • 5. Bodies of Water

      Bodies of Water

      "I love the Great Lakes. You know, we've been to Massachusetts. I love the ocean, too. I do love the ocean."

    • 6. The Sunshine State

      The Sunshine State

      "I love Florida, love being here, love the people of this state, in part because you understand what makes America America."

    • 7. Alternative Energy Sources

      Alternative Energy Sources

      "I love solar and wind but they don't drive cars."

    • 8. Constant Marginal Tax Rate

      Constant Marginal Tax Rate

      "I love a flat tax."

    • 9. Documented Immigrants

      Documented Immigrants

      "Look, I love legal immigration."

    • 10. All Amendments, But Particularly the Second and Tenth

      All Amendments, But Particularly the Second and Tenth

      "I love all the amendments...I love the Second Amendment. I love the Tenth Amendment, which says the powers not given specifically to the federal government are reserved for the states."

    • 11. "America the Beautiful"

      "America the Beautiful"

      "I love that song: 'O beautiful, for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain."

    • 12. An Exchange of Diverging Views

      An Exchange of Diverging Views

      "I love argument."

    • 13. Pie


      "I love pies. And there's almost no pie I don't like. I love rhubarb pie. I love coconut cream and banana cream pie. I loved good apple pie, cherry pie, blueberry pie. I just like pies."

    • 14. Winter Sports

      Winter Sports

      "Ice skating? Oh boy, did I love the ice skating."

    • 15. Genre Lit

      Genre Lit

      "I LOVE fiction. Right now, we're reading a lot of Vince Flynn. I've read every Louis L'Amour book there is--I love those old Westerns."