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The Most Epic Ways To Remember This New Years Eve

I mean you could just take a selfie with your significant other that goes by the name of Johnny or Jim, or you could do something MUCH MUCH better.

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Drunk dial your ex.


I said these are epic ways to REMEMBER New Years Eve. I didn't say they were excellent decisions. Plus, let's face it, you probably will... so just do us both a favour and remove their number now. Right now. RIGHT NOW. No, don't just change the name!

Attend a dress up party as Miley Cyrus.


I assure you, there'll be plenty of pictures so you'll be able to remember that moment forever. And ever. And ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever. And ever.

Spend it with your family.


That night will then forever be known as "the worst New Years Eve ever" and every year, even if your only plan is to spend it in bed watching Zac Efron movies with your cat, you will remember that it could always be worse.

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