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22 Times Jennifer Lawrence Just Did Not Care What Anyone Thought

She just doesn't care and it's amazing.

1. When she facepalmed Emma Watson.

2. When she shut this reporter down. Hard.

3. When she basically said what most of us know to be true.

4. When she turned up to talk to press after winning her Oscar and was all, "Soz guys I'm drunk, but I legit don't care."

5. And then flipped everyone off.

6. When she genuinely didn't care about oversharing on TV.

7. When she videobombed Taylor Swift just for the lolz.

8. And then she photobombed SJP like a boss.

9. When she just didn't really care to answer boring questions on the red carpet.

10. And was just honest.

11. When she necked a glass of champagne like it was no big deal and you were like, Oh my god I need to go on a night out with this girl.

12. When she was distracted by the thought of pizza.

13. And when one appeared during the Oscars, she was first to grab a slice.

Worried about fitting into her dress? Nope, because pizza.

14. When she made this admission.

15. And the fact that she dresses like this on her days off like the majority of humans, rather than bothering to get glammed up for the paparazzi.

16. When she made these facial expressions and DID.NOT.CARE.

17. When she had the best response for school bullies.

18. When she said this and everyone was like PREEAACHHH JENNIFER.

19. And then she said this and we all but got down on our actual hands and knees to worship her a bit more.

20. When she interrupted Josh Hutcherson's interview with this comment.

21. When she was honest about her boobs.

22. And finally, when she gave this response and it was perfect.