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24 TV Show Characters People Absolutely Despised

Why so insufferable?

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which TV show character annoyed the hell out of them. Here are the best responses.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

1. Andy Bernard, The Office


He's childish, spoiled, and rude. And the way he treated Erin was appalling. I don't even watch the first half of the final episode now because I hate seeing all those people cheer for him.


2. Julie Taylor, Friday Night Lights


Her parents were actually the best parents ever and she had a great boyfriend but she never appreciated any of them. Instead, she was just so whiny and annoying.


3. Barney Stinson, How I Met Your Mother


Barney is the WORST. He’s manipulative, misogynistic, and I think someone probably has a legitimate rape case against him.


I actually stopped watching because of Barney. I love Neil Patrick Harris, but some of Barney's methods of mistreating women were not really OK to joke about — namely, trying to get them drunk so that he could sleep with them (consent is important!) and emotionally manipulating them into thinking he loved them so that they would put out.


4. Serena Van der Woodson, Gossip Girl

The CW

She's the absolute worst — selfish, manipulative and constantly pitying herself for no reason. Gossip Girl is one of my favourite trashy teen dramas, but I find her completely unbearable, unlikeable and unworthy of being the star of the show.


5. Peter Griffin, Family Guy


The fact he's funny is somehow supposed to make up for the fact that he's a terrible father who treats his dog better than his children. He's a possessive, controlling jerk of a husband and an awful friend and neighbour. You can count on him to do whatever is most selfish in a situation with no regard as to how it might affect his family and his few redeeming moments are usually immediately undone by something terrible he's done.

— Katy Shaw, Facebook

6. Sheldon Cooper, The Big Bang Theory

Warner Bros. Television

I know he was written to be an annoying but lovable character but he just annoys me so much. He is ridiculously selfish, cruel and downright mean. I can't watch a scene with him in it without getting angry.


Don't get me wrong, the show is already horrible but he takes it to another level. Not only is he the antithesis of funny, but I actually start to get mad at how bad his character is. Why do so many people like the show/him?


7. Rory Gilmore, Gilmore Girls

The WB

She used to be a smart, nice girl but she made so many bad decisions. She cheated on her boyfriend, had sex with a married man, dropped out of college and became the definition of white privilege. She lost all her independence and passion to do good and hurt so many people along the way.

— pranitis2

Rory was annoying in her high school days but became UNBEARABLE when she got to college. She was so whiny and entitled I couldn’t watch anymore. Whenever I binge the show I can only watch the first three seasons.


8. Patty Bladell, Insatiable


She destroys the life of anyone who comes between her and what she wants. She exposed a gay relationship, made her gay best friend feel insecure, tried to kidnap the model competing against her, killed the guy that was obsessed with her, was the reason for the death of the guy who punched her, ran away with her so-called boyfriend, called her skinny life magic and her plus-size life hell. In fact, the entire show was really very stupid in itself.


9. Ted Mosby, How I Met Your Mother


He was so insufferable, not just because he just needed to get over Robin already (especially at the point where she was his best friend's girlfriend and fiancée,) but because he was a know-it-all who really didn't treat his friends or his girlfriends well. I know it was the writers' fault, but he had zero character development, and don't even get me started on him absconding with a bride-to-be on her wedding day. It was so wrong, especially after he was left at the altar too.


10. Dan Humphrey, Gossip Girl

The CW

Whiny, self-absorbed, self-important and absolutely insufferable. I can't freaking deal with how Serena married his pathetic ass after it turned out that he'd spent college and a good chunk of high school writing a blog just to stalk and harass her because he was obsessed with her. Don't even get me started on the freaking travesty that was the Dan/Blair relationship.


I love Gossip Girl but Dan makes me not want to rewatch it! He thought he was so much better than everyone because he didn’t grow up rich and spoiled, but he was such a hypocrite. He treated his dad like shit despite all of his sacrifices and he always judged Serena and Blair for being involved with drama when he was LITERALLY GOSSIP GIRL! Plus, the fact that everyone just forgave him makes me so mad.


11. Jess Day, New Girl


She had absolutely no realistic, grounded human qualities. She was just a caricature of a quirky human and it was so annoying.


She's the worst! I hate her so much with her "Lol, I'm so random! Look how quirky I am!" shtick. She is honestly the most whiny, self-centred, obnoxious character I can think of. I can't watch that otherwise funny show because her entire presence is like nails on a chalkboard.

— Julie Marie Klemmen Andersen, Facebook

12. Marie Schrader, Breaking Bad


This is my all time favorite show, but Marie is insufferable and totally unnecessary. Just make Hank and Skyler siblings and her character could be cut out without skipping a beat.

— jackb4c512234e

13. Debbie Gallagher, Shameless


Forget about the charming little Debbie we met during the first three seasons — she's now become the most immature, helpless and annoying character in Shameless. The Gallagher siblings are deeply flawed but also have redeeming qualities, but this doesn't apply to Debbie who remains entitled, bratty and thinking the world owes her some kind of compensation.


14. Danny Castellano, The Mindy Project


He is a controlling, condescending, sexist jerk. Remember when he tried to manipulate Mindy by getting her pregnant again? He's the worst and Mindy deserved better.

— anmiller

15. Meredith Grey, Grey's Anatomy


I found her to be so whiny and selfish that I had to quit watching the show. She drove me NUTS.


16. Ross Geller, Friends


He's literally THE worst. He's selfish, self-righteous and down-right annoying. He's a terrible friend because he's so self-absorbed and whenever he makes mistakes there's always someone else to blame. He never really apologised to Rachel for sleeping with the copy girl and made "We were on a break!" the most annoying running gag in the entire series. Don't even get me started on how he treated Rachel's friendship with a coworker who seemed to care more about her career and what made her happy more than Ross ever did. Or how he made a pros/cons list comparing Rachel and Julie or how we treated both Rachel and Emily after he said the wrong name at the altar. I love Friends but it’s sometimes hard for me to binge because I can’t stand Ross so much!


He had the worst victim mentality, and was so toxic to the women in his life.

— maceyc2

17. Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City


She was an awful friend — she slut-shamed Miranda, made Aidan go around and care for a naked Miranda and made Charlotte sell her engagement ring to pay for her apartment. There were also countless relationships in which she constantly played the victim. The other three women were so empowering in their own way and it annoys me that they don’t get more credit!


18. Rick Grimes, The Walking Dead


Something about his arrogance and "give no fucks" attitude really ruined the show for me. I enjoyed it but stopped watching because I physically hate him so much.


19. Jess Mariano, Gilmore Girls

The WB

He bothers me so much that I end up skipping the episodes he's in when I rewatch the series. He's a brat to everyone! He's disrespectful to his uncle who's letting him live in his apartment FOR FREE, and who changed his entire life to make room for a kid he barely knows. He's rude to Lorelai just because she lives in Stars Hollow and he doesn't want to, and he completely manipulates Rory. He's awful and doesn't grow out of it. I was LIVID when he tried to guilt precious Rory into sex — if he wasn't already bad enough for me to hate, that scene put him over the line for me!


20. Emily Fields, Pretty Little Liars


She's whiny, passive and entitled. Her convictions change based on who she's dating and it always felt like she was just along for the ride rather than having any real substance in the show. Also, Paige tried to kill you and then you turn around and date her? Dude.


21. Piper Chapman, Orange Is The New Black


She is horribly selfish, uses people for her own gains and turns into a simpering mess when it all catches up with her. She plays with people's lives and doesn't recognise her privilege. I know that she's based on the author of the book, but never understood why she was seen as the main protagonist as nearly all her actions hurt people. I was glad when they started featuring other characters more.


22. Marnie Michaels, Girls


I mean, everyone on Girls was awful, but Marnie was by far the worst. She thought being beautiful gave her the right to treat people however she wanted and that it meant she deserved to be worshipped by everyone around her. She was whiny, self-absorbed, shallow, entitled — her list of awfulness just goes on and on.


23. Schmidt, New Girl


He kind of grows in the last two seasons, but before that he was a classic douchebag. He clung to Cece and acted like a big baby. Not only did he try to sabotage her relationships, but when he actually started dating her for real, he lied and cheated on her? He's the worst and I couldn't stand him in the first seasons!

— lovisaeline

24. Michael Scott, The Office


I have never been able to get through an episode of this show because his complete idiocy and obliviousness makes me cringe so much I can’t stand it


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