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    Posted on May 27, 2014

    Was Kim Kardashian Giving Us Clues About Her Wedding Dress All Along?

    All the backless outfits and figure-hugging long-sleeved gowns? A coincidence we think not.

    So the official photos of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's wedding have finally been released.

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    And she definitely looked amazing in this gorgeous lace, backless Givenchy gown.

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    Wow-zer. The general consensus seems to be that the dress is not what people were expecting.

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    However, it seems that she may well have been giving us subtle clues about the style of her dress for weeks now.

    Exhibit A. This dress that she wore for the USC SHOAH Foundation event three weeks ago is not only cream but featured an elaborate train.

    The outfit also had a high neckline (something Kim doesn't usually go for), similar to her wedding dress.

    Then came that famous wall of flowers Kanye got her for her first Mother's Day.

    A few days later, Kim and North rocked coordinating white outfits for Kim's bridal shower.

    North also wore a white miniature version of Kim's wedding dress for the nuptials, as can be seen here just behind Kim's shoulder.


    Kim and Kanye headed to Paris for the buildup for their wedding. Kim's first ensemble for the trip was this.

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    Oh, what have we here? Just a long-sleeved, white, backless top.

    The triangular shape of the cutout section is uncannily similar to the back of the dress.

    She continued the backless theme throughout her time in Paris. The second time she rocked a backless top, she teamed it with a formfitting skirt that showed off her figure, similar to the way her wedding dress did.

    REX USA/Beretta/Sims / Rex
    REX USA/Beretta/Sims / Rex

    For her hen (bachelorette) party, two nights before the wedding, Kim chose this dress.

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    Shades of white? Check.

    Heavy lace? Check.

    Long-sleeved? Check.

    High neck? Check.

    Basically most of the key features of her wedding dress then?

    On the eve of their wedding, Kimye headed to the Palace of Versailles for a gigantic party. For the special event, Kim chose this dress. Which was exactly the kind of style we were expecting for the wedding.

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    Perhaps Kim deliberately chose this showstopping loose-fitting gown, which showed off a lot of leg and cleavage, to throw us well and truly off the scent — with her actual gown being fitted and demure.

    She also chose to wear this chic leather ensemble just before the wedding.


    And at their reception, the pair took to the photo booth wearing matching 'Just married' leather jackets.

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    They're just too damn cool.

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