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    32 Times North West Was The Goddamn Queen Of Snapchat

    Kim: "You look beautiful!" North: "Oh, thankyou."

    1. Her Snapchat debut may not have gone to plan.

    2. Like, at all.

    3. But quickly got her bearings.

    4. And began wishing, as we all do, that the filters were real.

    5. When she threw spectacular side-eye at mommy's choice of music.

    6. When she was too busy feeling her look to "say goodnight" to mommy's followers.

    7. And when she was really feeling this makeup look.

    8. When Aunty Kylie revealed her bedtime attire, but we weren't surprised, because she is a QUEEN, PEOPLE.

    9. When she ignored Aunty Khloé's low-key shade and continued to loudly voice her important opinions.

    10. When she was woken from her beauty sleep because daddy hired a fucking orchestra for mommy on Mother's Day.

    11. When she decided to sack mommy's glam squad and do the damn job herself.

    12. Because it's her art and she has ~vision.~

    13. When she sacked mommy's security team as well, because someone has to do the protecting against skeletons.

    14. When she accepted this compliment like the queen she is.

    15. When she played a truly exceptional game of hide and seek.

    16. But lost at the final moment.

    17. When she treated everyone to some music.

    18. And then busted out her best dance moves.

    19. When she revealed she's low-key obsessed with planets.

    20. And got legitimately excited about seeing earth spin round her head.

    21. When she couldn't wait to give the Easter Bunny a hug.

    22. When she proved she gets fashion inspiration everywhere she looks.

    23. When she was displeased with the filter Kim had chosen for herself.

    24. When she proved she's a business woman in the making.

    25. When she had her animal noises down.

    26. I mean, seriously.

    27. And when she proved that if you're going to imitate an animal you may as well go all out.

    28. When she so wasn't here for pictures.

    29. But managed to pose like a goddamn pro.

    30. When she just wanted to have fangs and mommy just wouldn't let her live.

    31. When she decided to ignore this shade because she knows she's a fashion god.

    32. And finally, when she proved she's far too cool for Disneyland.

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