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    24 Times Kim Kardashian Was Actually Really Funny On Instagram

    Her caption game is almost as good as her selfies.

    1. When she used this caption on the most A-list photo of all time.

    2. As well as this one.

    3. And I'm sorry, but this one is genius.

    4. When she posted this photo for her personal assistant's birthday.

    5. And then this one.

    6. In fact, her trolling game was out of control that day.

    7. For real.

    8. When she wasn't afraid to poke fun at her fashion choices.

    9. Or her posing skills.

    10. Or her makeup.

    11. Or the criticism that she never smiles.

    12. When she went as herself for Halloween.

    13. When she was thrilled with her skiing attire.

    14. When she kicked back and chilled out.

    15. When she nailed this pun.

    16. As well as this one.

    17. When she had a great time on date night.

    18. When she made this excellent callback to the opening credits of KUWTK which are no more.

    19. When she served up this low-key shade.

    20. When she was feeling a bit left out.

    21. When she had this first-world problem.

    22. When Kanye was replaced.

    23. When Kris stole her thunder, of course.

    24. And, finally, the hashtag on this.

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