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    29 Times "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" Would've Been Nothing Without Khloe

    Bow down to Queen Kardashian.

    1. When she brought Kim back down to earth over her Vogue cover.

    2. In fact, her role most of the time is to put everyone back in their place.

    3. Always with a healthy dose of sarcasm.

    4. When she addressed Kris Jenner as "Satan".

    5. Her impression of Kourtney is always SPOT. ON.

    6. Like, seriously.

    7. She never minces her words...

    8. ...Ever.

    9. "Touch my face, I'll beat you".

    10. When she said this and every girl everywhere was like, "PREACH".

    11. When she was so hungover on the morning of Kim and Kanye's wedding that she could barely do anything other than tell her family to STFU.

    12. When she admired her own reflection in a totally dead-pan manner.

    13. When she saw the opportunity for a sexual innuendo and ran with it.

    14. When she gave Kris Jenner some feedback on her appearance.

    15. When she watched Kim doing a private photoshoot for Kanye and said what most people were thinking...

    16. When she had an injection and reacted like this.

    17. Can we quickly appreciate the Kourtney impression again?


    18. When she used this comeback and basically won the argument with Kim.

    19. When she referred to Kim as Kris Jenner's "prized possession".

    20. And she mocked Kris Jenner's "QVC face".

    "Family card."

    21. Oh, and also, when she told a stranger that Kris was "born in 1922."

    22. But she's always mega cute with her nieces and nephews, even if she does bribe Penelope into saying her name.

    23. <3

    And she speaks a lot of sense. Like when she was the only one to give an honest answer when Kim suggested naming her baby just "North" with no surname.

    24. Ditto when Kris was urging Kim to do a naked photoshoot with Playboy.

    25. She's always so real.

    26. Like when Kim made this comment...

    ...And Khloe was all, LOL WHATEVS.

    And then she made a dig at Kim's selfie obsession.

    27. When she lets her guard down and gets emotional it's truly heartbreaking.

    28. But she always remains positive, no matter what dramz she's experiencing.

    29. <3 you Khloe.