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    27 Times Ellie Goulding And Dougie Poynter Gave Us Intense Relationship Envy

    They're perfection in celebrity couple form.

    1. Ellie Goulding and Dougie Poynter are just perfection in celebrity couple form.

    2. They do everything together.

    3. Whether it's taking a cooking class...

    4. ...Or sitting front row at fashion shows, casually looking like beautiful models.

    5. They're probably the only couple in the world who could go on a hike and actually have fun.

    6. Oh, and then there was the time they went to the gym together and posed for a sweaty selfie.

    7. There was the time when they decided to both wear prints, because that's the kind of cute, co-ordinated couple they are.

    8. And the time they went to an awards ceremony, and then came home and posed for a photo in front of some drying washing, because they're actually pretty damn normal too.

    9. They just can't keep their hands off each other, wherever they are.

    10. Even when it involves Dougie being ~cheeky~ in public. πŸ™Š

    11. And to be honest, everyone around them may as well not be there, because they're more into each other than anyone else in the room.

    12. They do ridiculously cute things for each other. Like the time Dougie organised a surprise birthday party for Ellie, and this was her reaction.

    13. And she shared this photo, saying that Dougie is her "man crush everyday".

    14. As well as when she shared her pride at Dougie staying sober for four years. πŸ’—

    15. Then there was the time when she said she believed he was "out of her league".

    Anthony Harvey / Getty Images / Via

    16. And this was his perfect response.

    Anthony Harvey / Getty Images / Via

    17. And let's not forget that they're probably the coolest couple on the planet. I mean, come on.

    18. They hang out in waterfalls together, FGS.

    19. But they're not afraid to be silly sometimes, too.

    20. They're always just so damn happy to be around each other.

    21. And seem to be constantly laughing.

    22. Seriously. Just look at the shared jokes here.

    23. They're always at total ease together.

    24. They're so in-synch, in fact, that sometimes Dougie accidentally ends up wearing Ellie's jeans.

    25. But they're not soppy about it. Like, isn't this the best, most normal reaction to being caught on kiss cam?

    26. So thankyou Ellie and Dougie for restoring everyone's faith in romance.

    27. You are the definiton of #RelationshipGoals.

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