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    24 Times Celebrity Couples Were Really Fucking Funny On Instagram

    Someone give these guys a medal for their captions.

    1. When Kristen Bell introduced Dax Shepard's new moustache to the world like this.

    2. And when she came up with this cheeky caption for a romantic snap.

    3. When Dax made this perfect joke.

    4. And when he revealed he wasn't a fan of Kristen's newfound hobby.

    5. When Portia De Rossi joked about how old she and Ellen DeGeneres are.

    6. And when Ellen used her surname to create this amazing caption.

    7. When Blake Lively revealed who the real inspiration in her life is.

    8. And when she wished Ryan a happy father's day with this message.

    9. But Ryan got her back with this caption.

    10. And who can forget when he wished her a happy birthday with this photo.

    11. But she got the ultimate revenge when his rolled around.

    12. When Kim Kardashian came up with this amazing caption.

    13. And when she proved that she's not above roasting their ~fashion faces.~

    14. When Neil Patrick Harris made the ultimate dad joke.

    15. And when Jessica Simpson thanked her husband for her name.

    16. When Chris Hemsworth proved himself to be the supportive husband.

    17. But Elsa still teased him for baring his muscles.

    18. When Justin Mikita provided the hilarious truth behind this photo.

    19. And when Jesse Tyler Ferguson pointed out this similarity.

    20. When Chrissy Teigen found this and questioned all of her life choices.

    21. And when she made sure John's feet stayed firmly on the ground.

    22. When John Legend posted this beautiful message for Chrissy's birthday.

    And she just weighed in on the comments with this.

    23. And, finally, when John lowkey roasted Chrissy's magazine shoot.

    24. But then also proved he's the dorkiest and proudest husband around.