18 Times Benedict Cumberbatch Looked Like An Absolute GOD In A Suit

    Because, let's face it, no one wears a suit better.

    1. When he casually crossed one foot over the other and made standing in an empty corridor look ridiculously cool.

    2. When he busted out some amazing dance moves while wearing a suit.

    3. When he wore a suit and tie and did this unbelievably cute thumbs-up pose.

    4. When he wore this tux complete with an actual BOW TIE and we basically died on the spot.

    5. Then he looked directly down the lens of the camera while wearing his bow tie and it was like he was staring into our SOULS.

    And we were like...

    6. Then there was the time he was so proud to have won an award that he clutched it close to his suit and stared into the distance with his beautiful eyes.

    7. When he smiled like an angel and then did this lip-biting thing and our hearts spontaneously combusted.

    8. When he really shook things up and wore a grey suit, proving that he is heavenly in any colour palette.

    9. When he paired a burgundy velvet jacket with an embroidered bow tie and our minds were blown by the sheer sartorial genius of it.

    10. When he stood around on the red carpet wearing a suit, looking generally perfect.

    11. When he did a speech in his suit and just looked so wise and knowledgeable.

    12. When he branched out into suit accessories and proved himself to be the king of knitwear.

    13. When Jack Whitehall saw him in a suit and was like, 'Oh my God, this guy is genuinely the best human I've ever met'.

    14. When he posed with his bow tie un-tied and confused us because we couldn't work out whether or not it was even sexier than just a normal bow-tie.

    15. When he had a bit of a tan and wore all black and did this cute kind of half-smile.

    16. When he wore a suit and pulled this face which made us want to wrap our arms around him and never let go.


    18. And when he did this with Michael Fassbender and it was magnificent.

    Thankyou, Benedict, for your services to suit-wearing.