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This Celeb Just Had Her Weight Mocked By TV Hosts

"Wow, she's really ballooned."

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Yesterday, Cheryl was granted a divorce from her husband of 18 months, Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini.

In the papers, Cheryl cited "unreasonable behaviour" as her reason for divorcing Jean-Bernard – and said that the behaviour had caused "stress and weight loss."


Which of course made everyone think back to this time last year, when Cheryl's dramatic weight loss sparked concern among the public.

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Since the split, Cheryl has got together with One Direction's Liam Payne and is looking amazing.

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However, this morning the presenters of Good Morning Britain discussed Cheryl's divorce – and digs were made about her weight.

The segment began with Richard Arnold explaining the situation.


And when images of Cheryl from last year were shown, Kate Garraway chipped in to say: "She was super slim wasn't she?"


But when an image of Cheryl with Liam was shown...


Kate made this sarcastic comment, to raucous laughter from the rest of the team. 😐


She continued the mockery, by making this comment.




The comments were criticised by viewers, who pointed out that mocking someone's weight can have damaging effects.

Let's just hope Cheryl is shaking the comments off.