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    This Photo Sums Up Kanye West's Unofficial Role As Kim Kardashian's Stylist

    Werk it, werk it.

    Last night Kim Kardashian and Kanye West hit the GQ Awards looking every inch the power couple they are.


    And as they took their positions on the red carpet, Kanye took it upon himself to rearrange Kim's dress – and this one photo pretty much sums up his unofficial role in their relationship. And that role is Kim's stylist.


    It's no secret that Kanye likes to take control of Kim's wardrobe. So much so that he actually cleared out virtually ALL of her clothes when they first started dating. It went like this:

    He and his stylist popped up at Kim's house to chuck out all the clothes he didn't like, and replace them with a whole new designer collection.

    Then came the admission that she kinda needs Kanye around to help her choose what to wear.

    She said: "It's part of my job to look chic at all times. I don't want to give Kanye a bad rep".

    Kourtney replied: "You guys are too superficial as a couple. I don't know how you can spend $5,000 on a dress without even thinking about it."

    Kanye also had the final say on the bridesmaid dresses ahead of his wedding to Kim.


    Kourtney, Khloe, Kendall, and Kylie all liked the slits at the front of their dresses. Kanye, however, thought they were "too risqué" and could be "distracting". As he left the room he simply said: "No slits, OK."


    Kanye has so much of a say that Kris Jenner EVEN asked Kim whether Kanye had seen her wedding dress prior to the big day, because she "knows what he's like."

    E! / Via

    Yes, we do know what he's like.

    In fact, Kanye is so persuasive that even baby North is following in his fashionista footsteps. Despite only being 1, she doesn't like pink or prints.

    All hail stylist Kanye.


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