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    This Celeb Was Hospitalised While People Were Body-Shaming Her

    Megan McKenna has coeliac disease and had just been diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome while trolls were calling her a "skinny rat".

    Megan McKenna – Essex reality TV royalty and now country music star – has always been open and honest about the fact she has coeliac disease.

    However, that hasn't stopped her becoming the victim of body-shaming trolls constantly telling her she's "too skinny".

    Things reached a peak earlier this summer while Megan was out in Nashville filming her reality show There's Something About Megan and holidaying in Las Vegas.

    After sharing these two photos on Instagram, she was bombarded with abuse, with people calling her a "skinny rat" and a bad role model.

    At the time, Megan responded by telling the trolls to "leave her alone".

    But now she's elaborated on her comments, revealing that she was actually in hospital while she was being targeted with abuse.

    Speaking to The Sun, Megan said:

    Everyone knows I'm a Coeliac, and I've just been diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome. I was so ill with my belly before I went to Nashville and I was in and out of hospital. No one knew what was wrong with me, so yes I was thin as I was unwell.

    She went on to reveal just how serious the condition can be.

    Megan said:

    People need to realise I'm always going to have problems with this and not troll me. Coeliac disease is a serious thing and it's life changing. It can lead to bowel cancer if you don't control your diet. I eat enough. I just had a roast dinner, I scoff food and it's not my fault I can't keep it in me. I was really ill growing up as my body was rejecting everything.

    After the latest bout of body-shaming abuse, many of Megan's fans defended her.

    But Megan has now revealed that she's concerned about the abuse they then receive as a result of sticking up for her.

    She said:

    The trolling annoys me, but it doesn’t affect me. What I worry about is the young girls on my page who stick up for me and then get abuse themselves. I've gone on some of [the trolls'] pages and they're people with kids. I'd like to know how they'd feel if someone was doing that to their daughter.

    Go Megan.