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    This Celeb Put Her Ex On Blast After Finally Confirming Their Split

    There have been constant rumours of a breakup between Megan McKenna and Pete Wicks over the past month, but she's now savagely confirmed it once and for all.

    For the past six months, TOWIE's Megan McKenna and Pete Wicks have been embroiled in constant relationship drama.

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    Shit hit the fan when it was revealed Pete had been sending his ex-girlfriend ~explicit~ messages.

    These ranged from him saying Megan was "boring" to wishing he was single and reminiscing about their sex life. Megan revealed that she'd known about some of the messages, but had decided to give Pete another chance. It was only when the ex-girlfriend went to The Sun to expose all the correspondence that Megan decided he'd been dishonest and ended their relationship.

    Pete managed to win Megan back, telling her the experience of losing her had made him realise she was "The One".


    However, since then they've struggled to put all the drama behind them. In fact, their arguments have been so relentless and intense that Megan decided they should try couple counselling.

    Then, just days before the new series of TOWIE aired, Megan appeared on This Morning and it was revealed that she and Pete couldn't even be in the same room as each other.


    A visibly emotional Megan said that things were "complicated" but refused to confirm or deny whether they'd split again.

    In the first episode of TOWIE Megan revealed that she had spent the past few months being "20% happy" and "80% rowing".

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    She also confirmed that they had briefly split after Megan lost it with him, "chucking all his stuff" out of her flat before having a change of heart the next day.

    Yesterday, Megan and Pete both attended the TRIC Awards. However, they arrived separately and didn't appear to spend any time together inside.

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    And later that day an interview with Pete was published, in which he alluded to the fact that they'd split, saying Megan was "complicated" and that he'd like to appear on Celebs Go Dating.

    When asked by The Sun whether he was still with Megan, he said:

    I'm here with James today so you can probably guess my relationship status from that. Megan is a good girl but it's always complicated with her. It's all about to play out on the show. We are both happy at the minute – things are just complicated. I'd definitely like to do Celebs Go Dating but there are other shows I'm lined up for, too.

    And it seems that Pete's comments have seriously riled Megan, with her putting him on blast in a series of tweets, where she also confirmed that they have split.

    She said she hadn't commented so far "out of respect for Pete".

    Enough of the shit... yes me and pete have split. I was keeping quite out of respect for him.

    But his "blabbing" had driven her to confirm the news.

    I was keeping quite out of respect for him. But as he's been 'blabbing' and bragging about other Tv shows I will now confirm we are OVER.

    And she concluded by saying she wants to "move on" with her life.

    And have been over for a while. End of the speculations. Now let me move on with my life. Thanks.

    Pete went on to suggest that his words had been distorted by the media.

    Just to not doing dating shows. Press can make out what they want, I said I want @robbeckettcdomic to narrate my life! πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘

    But then he contacted a tattoo artist to schedule an appointment.

    And it didn't take long for people to suggest that he was looking to remove or cover up the "M" tattoo he had inked on his hand for Megan.

    Within minutes of Megan confirming the news, some people suggested the split would be short-lived.

    @Megan_Mckenna_ you will be back together next week x

    Wonder how long it'll be before pete and megan are back together again 😴😴😴

    But plenty of others offered their support.

    @Megan_Mckenna_ I hope you're okay Megan, you have thousands of people on here who will always support you βœ¨πŸ’š

    But breakups suck, so let's hope Pete and Megan are both OK.

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