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    43 Things The Kardashians Do On Instagram That Normal People Couldn't

    No, they really couldn't. Bible.

    1. Swig from a bottle of champagne while your boyfriend brandishes a gun.

    2. Stop to take a photo before getting into bed with Kanye West.

    3. Pose for a snap before boarding your private jet in the day time.

    4. And, while you're at it, at night too.

    5. Prepare alcoholic beverages on your private jet.

    6. Stand staring out to sea on the edge of a boat at sunset.

    7. Adopt this pose at the beach.

    8. Show off the $1,000 Balenciaga handbag you bought for your 7-month-old niece.

    9. Stick needles in your face for the lolz.

    10. Inject your face with your own blood and share the evidence.

    11. Caress your own breasts.

    12. Stand in front of your $100,000 Mercedes SUV.

    13. Or just lie on it.

    14. Take a mirror selfie in a hotel lobby like you literally DGAF.

    15. Post nine photos of your face pulling virtually the same expression and caption it: "The many moods of me!"

    16. Post a photo of your baby holding your $3 million engagement ring.

    17. Listen to a lecture from Kanye West before his wedding.

    18. Take a selfie while someone does your hair and makeup.

    19. More than once.

    20. Get someone to take a photo of you applying lipgloss.

    21. Stand in front of a crowd of 100,000 people in a see-through top.

    22. Share snaps of your personalised pillowcases.

    23. Post a #tbt picture of yourself during a photo shoot dressed in a cut-away swimming costume and thigh-high boots.

    24. Share a photo of your drawn-on tattoo.

    25. Film yourself sitting in the middle of the road.

    26. Or just lie down in the middle of a desert.

    27. Share a snap of your mother taking a lie detector test.

    28. Post photos of random body parts.

    29. Like your lips.

    30. And your stomach.

    31. Or your legs next to your Mercedes steering wheel.

    32. Or your stomach and legs.

    33. Once more for good measure.

    34. Casually hang out with Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell at a party.

    35. Post a snap of an advert on the back of a bus showing you and your sisters in your underwear.

    36. Have only gold-plated accessories.

    37. Tilt your head so your gigantic diamond earring just catches the light.

    38. Share a photo of your four Lamborghinis perfectly lined up.

    39. Adopt this pose to catch a few rays on your yacht.

    40. Show off the results of your subtle at-home spray tan.

    41. Hang out in a bikini in front of a mirror.

    42. Share a photo of yourself on the cover of Teen Vogue.

    43. And finally, take a selfie with a monkey.

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