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28 Things Celebrities Do In Real Life That Normal People Couldn't

Match your Rolex to your Ferrari or catch a private helicopter, anyone?

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1. Take a selfie on your private plane because the lighting was just too good to ignore.

2. Sack off work to do a spot of sunbathing on the stage of an arena in San Diego.

3. Board your private helicopter in full evening wear.

4. Or just take your kids to the park while wearing a full ballgown, fur stole, and a single elegant glove.

5. Alternatively, just wear nothing and post the photo on Instagram. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

6. Cover your sleeping family members in cash.

7. Do a spot of ironing in full carnival dress.

8. Have an actual room in your house that looks like this.

9. Get completely naked and lie in a bath of silver paint for a magazine photoshoot.

10. Hire out an entire movie theatre to watch a film with bae.

11. Lie by the pool and catch some rays in a pair of woollen shorts and fur jacket.

12. Be so famous you have to go shopping "undercover" wearing a disguise.

13. Have your husband photograph you wearing a fur bikini and yeti boots.

14. Sit on the steps of your private jet while staring thoughtfully into the distance.

15. Or sit on the bonnet of your Mercedes.

16. Or in fact, just sit on any expensive form of transport you own.

17. Or, alternatively, park your $260,000 car next to your private jet.

18. If you're forced into public transport, however, at least wear a ballgown and use the hashtag #SubwayInCouture.

19. Ask for dinner at an Italian restaurant to celebrate your birthday, only for your husband to fly you to ACTUAL ITALY.

20. OR have your daughter baptised in the actual birthplace of Jesus Christ, NBD.

21. Swig champagne from the bottle while your boyfriend holds a gun.

22. Ensure that your private jet comes complete with fresh flowers and a spare seat on which to place your dog, who will be sitting in his own designer bag.

23. Hang out on a beach and embrace a tiny monkey.

24. Lie around dressed as a mermaid for literally no reason other than you feel like it.

25. Match your Rolex to your Ferrari.

26. Go roller-booting in a designer clothes store.

27. Force a friend into this position so you can sit on their torso while eating a cheeseburger.

28. And, finally, stand around in a swimsuit while other people do your hair and make-up.