11 Things No One Tells Women About Relationships In Their Twenties

    Don't allow your past to steal your present.

    1. If someone's not making the effort at the start, they probably never will.

    2. There will be times when you wish you weren’t single.

    3. But actually being single isn’t all bad.

    But that person does exist. And more importantly, the time you spend unattached is so valuable. It enables you to learn exactly what you want from life and a relationship. It makes you self-sufficient, confident, and clear about what you will and won't stand for.

    When you haven't just "settled" for someone, you're far more likely to make better relationship decisions, too. You're not just going to jump into something with anyone who thinks you're less than amazing, because until someone comes along who is worth committing to, why would you waste your time or emotion?

    And, when you do meet someone who is worth it, you'll be glad for the time you spent growing and developing as an individual rather than as part of a couple. A married friend of mine, who helped me through a breakup years ago, once told me: "Make the most of being single, because you never know when you'll meet the right person and you'll never go on a first date again." So remember that, shake off those feelings of loneliness, fill your time with amazing friends and experiences, and enjoy the ride.

    4. Always trust your instincts.

    5. Social media is not an accurate reflection of any relationship.

    6. Being friends with benefits can get confusing – quickly.

    7. Heartbreak doesn’t get easier – you just get stronger.

    8. Facebook stalking your ex is a bad idea.

    9. No relationship is easy, but a good one is worth it.

    10. Your past does not define you.

    11. Know your worth.