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22 Things Kim Kardashian Does On Instagram That Normal People Couldn't

Wall of flowers photo shoot, anyone?

Kim Kardashian is the actual queen of Instagram. No arguments.

1. Hang out by a waterfall like this.

2. Receive an actual WALL OF FLOWERS for Mother's Day.

3. And then stage an impromptu Instagram photo shoot in front of it.

4. Get proposed to in a private baseball field with a 50-piece orchestra playing your favourite song as fireworks explode.

5. Do this at your wedding.

6. Adopt this pose while sunbathing.

7. Oh, and also this one.

8. Take a selfie on a private yacht.

9. Lie among the 1,000 red roses you received for Valentine's Day.

10. Share evidence of your face being injected with your own blood.

11. Share a photo of you and your boyfriend in a naked embrace.

12. Or take a his 'n' hers selfie in the loos.

13. Or pose for a photo in matching outfits in front of your Lamborghini Aventador.

14. Casually take a selfie with Madonna.

15. Make the whole world jealous of your Miami shoe collection.

16. Say goodnight to your followers by doing this.

17. Post a photo of just your ass. Nothing else.

18. Take a snap of just your lips, nose, and engagement ring.

19. Emerge from the ocean like this.

20. Wave as you board your private jet.

21. Show off your Christmas present from your fiancé: a one-of-a-kind hand-painted George Condo Hermès Birkin.

22. Do this (frankly incredible) hair flick.

23. And finally, this. Just this.

Never change, Kim.

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