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    You Need To See These Calvin Harris References In Taylor Swift's Home

    This is ridiculously cute.

    So Taylor Swift has participated in Vogue's 73 Questions video series, which allows cameras into the homes of the rich and famous while they answer quickfire questions.


    And while Calvin didn't make an appearance in the flesh, if you look closely at the details in her home, there are several very cute references to their relationship.


    First off, there's a scene where Taylor pours a glass of water. But what's that there, hanging on the tap?

    The image looks like it was taken in the same session as these ones, during the Billboard Music Awards afterparty. The awards ceremony was where Taylor and Calvin first made their relationship public.

    Instagram / Via

    The next reference is to the olive tree that Calvin planted in her back garden for Christmas, which she revealed was her favourite gift ever.

    Vogue / Via

    Kinda cute, right? Well, the meaning of this gift actually goes pretty deep. Olive trees are known for being impossible to kill. To remove one requires mechanical and chemical methods – and even then, new shoots will often still emerge from its roots.

    Fans have therefore taken Calvin's choice of gift as a deliberate statement about the durability of their relationship.

    But perhaps the cutest reference of all is this little framed sign next to her front door. It reads, "You have successfully buried yourself inside my head 2/26/15."


    What's the meaning behind the sign? Well, 2/26/15 was the day that they first met and spoke at the Brit Awards. Here they are on that night.

    David M. Benett / Getty

    And a quick Google search reveals that the words aren't a song or quote – meaning this could potentially be something he said to Taylor after meeting her. πŸ’—

    But it's not just that Calvin is influencing items in Taylor's home. During the interview she revealed that her favourite candle is Byredo Tree House. And look where that exact brand of candle has shown up.

    You guys. πŸ’”


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