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There Are Way More Hidden Meanings In The New Taylor Swift Video Than We First Thought

The New Taylor Swift is a stickler for detail.

You're probably more than aware that over the weekend, Taylor Swift dropped her video for "Look What You Made Me Do."

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And while there were many hidden meanings spotted within the first few hours of it being released, since then plenty more have come to light. So, let's get to analysing them.

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1. There have been lots of interpretations of the scene in which Taylor crashes the car.

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Some think her uncanny likeness to Katy Perry is intended as shade towards her. Others think it's a reference to Calvin Harris "backing into a wall" when paparazzi asked him about Taylor.

However, the prevailing theory is actually in relation to the Grammy that she's holding in the scene.

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You may recall that back in 2014, Red was nominated for Album of the Year at the Grammys. When the winner was announced it led to this awkward moment where Taylor thought she'd won, but actually hadn't. She was so devastated that she didn't scoop the trophy that she missed all the afterparties, and then decided to make her next album "sonically cohesive" so that it would win next time around. And so, 1989 was born.

But fans have drawn comparisons between the opening line of the song "Red" and the scene in the video.

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The lyric of the song is: "Loving him was like driving a Maserati down a dead-end street." In the video, Taylor drives a car – which isn't a Maserati, but sporty nonetheless – down a dead-end road and crashes, but she clutches onto her Grammy.

People are therefore speculating that the scene is a comment on how she should have won the Grammy for Red.

2. There's what appears to be an engagement ring in a box during the robbery scene.

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3. And in the scene where Taylor's in the bath full of diamonds, if you look closely there appears to be a necklace spelling out the word "No" on the floor.

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4. And some people think that if you look really closely, you can see a heart pendant on the necklace, which bears a resemblance to the locket Calvin Harris gave her for their one-year anniversary.

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There were a lot of engagement rumours during their relationship, after all. Needless to say, fans are wondering what this all means.

5. We know that Taylor paid homage to her iconic looks from different eras, but there were actually a lot more Taylors in the video than we initially thought.

6. In fact, it seems as though Taylor has made a reference to herself in all five of her eras – even her earliest. In fact, remember the phone from the video of "Our Song"?

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She seems to have incorporated a very similar one into the video for the part where she announces Old Taylor is dead.

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7. People noticed that her T-shirt in this scene is covered in the names of her famous friends. But on closer inspection, it seems she wrote Ed Sheeran's name in the same spot where his "Red" tattoo is.

Ed got the tattoo to commemorate the time he spent supporting Taylor on her Red tour.

8. And she really was going in hard with both the snake theme and her beloved number 13. In fact, in this shot she's surrounded by 12 snakes, with fans concluding that she's the 13th.

9. It's well-established that the video opens with a zombified Taylor wearing the same dress she wore in the "Out of the Woods" video. However, this seems to be way deeper than we first thought.

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"Out of the Woods" was the final original video for 1989, meaning that this dress is the last look from that era we will ever see.

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While "New Romantics" was released afterwards, it only comprised tour footage, not a fresh concept and costume.

So, technically, Taylor has picked up the Reputation era exactly where we left off with 1989.

10. But many are taking the zombified Taylor as proof that she "never made it out of the woods" – a metaphor for the way in which her reputation only became tarnished in the months after the 1989 era ended.

I can't believe the zombie is her from the out of the woods video, she never made it out I'm so sad

All the events that earned Taylor the label of "snake" – her fallout with Kimye, her breakup from Calvin Harris, the Hiddleswift debacle – all happened after she wrapped the 1989 world tour.

11. This theory is strengthened by the fact that in the video, Taylor is buried in the same dress she wore to the Met Gala in 2014 – just months before the 1989 era kicked off and, therefore, the last time her reputation was untouched.


12. However, it's also been noted that the "Out of the Woods" video actually ended with two Taylors – one staring out to sea, while another walked over to her. The final shot was of second Taylor's hand reaching out to touch the first Taylor.

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Big Machine Records

Some people think that this means the second Taylor killed the first.


13. There's also this theory, too.

14. At the end of the video, we see Taylor spray-painting the word "Reputation" on the side of a plane. It's been noticed that this Taylor doesn't resemble a past figuration of herself.

So people are wondering whether this is the ~real~ Taylor –the one who isn't portrayed in the media, who is always in the background of her other personas.

Because Taylor is also ~literally~ rewriting her reputation. here.

15. The fact that she's writing the words in red has got people thinking, too – specifically about the tradition of scarlet letters tarnishing women's reputations. This is a theme that Taylor addressed in both "Love Story" and "New Romantics."

16. In fact, even the positioning of the "real" Taylor behind all the others is interesting, as this Tumblr user points out.

17. What's more, this Taylor looks cool and composed during the chaos of the final scene – because she no longer cares about her reputation.

18. There are 15 Taylors at the end of the video, and there are also 15 tracks on Reputation. People are therefore wondering whether each Taylor represents her corresponding song.

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A theory that's been bolstered by Taylor liking the post on Tumblr.

If we're following this theory, we know that "Look What You Made Me Do" is the sixth track on the album, and the sixth Taylor in the lineup is the one who is "editing her receipts."

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It's been speculated that it's a reference to Kim Kardashian "editing" Taylor's call with Kanye West. So could this song be about Kimye after all?

19. This theory has also sparked a wild sub-theory about the full version of Taylor’s song "All Too Well."


Hardcore fans will know that the original version of this song was 10 minutes, but that Taylor decided to cut it down to fit with the conventions of song and album length when she released Red. Ever since this admission, fans have been desperate to hear the full version, with it becoming a meme within the Swiftie fandom.

When Taylor announced the details of Reputation, it was widely speculated that one of the tracks was over eight minutes long. And fans lost their minds over the possibility that it could be the original version of "All Too Well."

@ThePerezHilton @taylorswift13 8 minutes long. What if she had put in the album the extended version of All Too Well? lol


So, following the theory of each different Taylor representing an era and therefore a song, some fans think that the Red Taylor represents the full version of the track.

20. But other people have a different theory – that each song will be about a different, "fake" Taylor "created by the media."

21. It's also been noted that all 15 Taylors in the end sequence take their "final bow," signaling that she's retiring these past characters and finally embracing her true self.

22. The scene where Taylor's standing above a tower of her past selves, all scrabbling to climb up, is full of meaning, too.

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Some people think it's a reflection of Taylor trying to "reach the top only to fall."

Others think it's a reference to Kanye's lyric in which he says he made her famous.

23. And, finally, people have also noticed that this shot resembles a crucifixion.

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Is this a nod to being ~crucified by the media~? It's not the only religious metaphor used in the song – another lyric describes her "rising from the dead."

Mind. Blown.