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The 60 Most Kardashian Instagram Posts Of All Time

Ready, steady, selfie.

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1. But they do have a few tried and tested Instagram techniques. Which is hardly surprising. Perfect selfies don't just happen by themselves, people.

2. One technique is to get caught completely unawares.

3. Sometimes this can happen twice in one day.


4. Sometimes people with cameras creep up on them.

6. This is especially annoying when they're just trying to stroke a wall.

7. (Walls are a prominent feature.)

8. Or gaze thoughtfully out to sea.

12. Another firm favourite is the sunlounger pose.

13. In fact, Kim really likes this one.

15. Getting your brows filled in always calls for a selfie.

18. The "Oh I didn't realise a photo was even being taken" selfie is also a fave.

22. As is cropping out half your face.

23. Which is something especially favoured by Kim.

25. But not exclusively so. Khloe has also tried it out.

27. Kendall gets extra points for rotating hers.

28. Moving on to props. It's quite clear that mirrors were invented for selfies.

30. Especially bikini ones.

32. And when they get the angle right, iconic selfies are born. Like this.

34. And OF COURSE this. The best selfie of all time, no arguments.

35. Another good prop is needles.

37. Showing off your contoured cheekbones also works a treat.

38. Once a trademark selfie face is established, it never changes.

47. Another favourite is positioning some hair to cover half of the face.

52. The other option is to locate a sister and just have a pout-off.

58. So thank you girls, for your services to the selfie.

59. You have taught us so much.

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