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    That Photo Of Beyoncé In The "99 Problems" Dress Appears To Have Been Photoshopped

    You're better than this, Bey.

    Beyoncé sent the internet into meltdown over the weekend when she shared this photo of herself wearing a "99 Problems but my ass ain't one" dress in homage to her bum and her husband, Jay Z.

    Obviously she looks amazing. But on closer inspection, it appears that the image may have been Photoshopped.

    It wasn't just us who noticed these distortions. Numbers of Beyoncé fans took to Twitter to point the apparent use of Photoshop out.

    And it's not just the distortions around the curtain that suggest that the image has been retouched. Some fans have pointed out that her "thigh-gap" looks Photoshopped too.

    It's the comparison between the second image Beyoncé shared with the first which is causing the speculation. Although it could of course always just be the filter used and the position she's standing in.

    This isn't the first time Beyoncé has been accused of altering her Instagram and Tumblr images.

    This image was posted in September, and eagle-eyed observers were quick to point out that the stairs tilt up diagonally in the area between Beyoncé's thighs – perhaps in an attempt to change their shape. If that wasn't enough, the reflection on the side of the wall next to her showed that the stairs were in fact completely straight.

    Then there was this photo, posted back in August, which showed both a distorted wine glass and a phone around the side of her leg.

    And also this photo, in which her thighs appeared almost unnaturally wavy.

    A spokesman for Beyoncé has been contacted for comment.