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That Photo Of Beyoncé In The "99 Problems" Dress Appears To Have Been Photoshopped

You're better than this, Bey.

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Obviously she looks amazing. But on closer inspection, it appears that the image may have been Photoshopped.

Beyonce / Via

The giveaway? The way that the curtains appear to bend inwards around her hips. These distortions are pretty commonplace when photo editing applications are used to alter the shape of someone's body. The fact that these distortions occur around her waist suggest that it has been retouched.


This isn't the first time Beyoncé has been accused of altering her Instagram and Tumblr images.

This image was posted in September, and eagle-eyed observers were quick to point out that the stairs tilt up diagonally in the area between Beyoncé's thighs – perhaps in an attempt to change their shape. If that wasn't enough, the reflection on the side of the wall next to her showed that the stairs were in fact completely straight.