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    Taylor Swift And Her Squad Of Supermodels Ordered Cheeseburgers After Shooting "Bad Blood"

    The ultimate in Squad Goals.

    In case you missed it, Taylor Swift's video for "Bad Blood" has dropped and it's probably the fiercest thing we've ever seen. It involves Taylor fighting men.

    Big Machine Records

    And Karlie Kloss.

    Big Machine Records

    And involves this perfect depiction of Squad Goals.

    Big Machine Records

    But despite the fact that the video included popstars and actual goddamn SUPERMODELS, after the video wrapped they all chowed down on In N Out cheeseburgers.

    Taylor shared this photo on Instagram, showing her and some of her girls including Karlie Kloss and Selena Gomez tucking into the junk food.

    Forget what we said about the video, this photo is the best case of squad goals we've ever seen. πŸ” 🍟

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