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    Taylor Swift And Ariana Grande Stans Are At War Over The Grammys

    Things kicked off after Ariana won the category in which both she and Taylor were nominated.

    Last night, the 61st Grammy Awards were held in LA. However, two of the planet's most famous popstars — Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande — were no-shows.

    However, despite neither Ariana nor Taylor attending the Grammys, they were both nominated in the Best Pop Vocal Album category — and Ariana ended up scooping the award for Sweetener.

    And once the results were in, it didn't take long before drama erupted between the two fan bases. Things started with Swifties saying Taylor's album was lyrically superior to Ariana's.

    Which led to Arianators hitting back.

    And things went on.

    And on.

    And on.

    Some Swifties said that Ariana had "stolen" the award from Taylor.

    me breaking into ariana grande’s house to give the grammy to taylor

    And said Reputation was a more deserving winner than Sweetener.

    Before rebranding the Grammys the "Scammys."

    Taylor : This ain't for the best , my reputation's never been worse so he must like me for me Scammy's: meh Ariana : And then you get it, get it, get it, get it Hit it, hit it, hit it, hit it Flip it, flip it, flip it Scammy's : and the Grammy goes to .. sweetener.

    While others called Ariana's album "trash."

    And it didn't take long before Ariana fans began defending their fave, with some saying she's vocally superior to Taylor.

    Some posted select lyrics from Sweetener to highlight how "Grammy worthy" the album was.

    those songs on Sweetener were definitely Grammy worthy so Taylor Stans can shut the fuck up PERIOD.

    While others said Ariana "deserved" to win since Sweetener was a "healing" album.

    Which set off more arguments.

    However, eventually some fans attempted to weigh in and restore peace, saying that it's possible to be fans of both singers.

    While others said that Taylor has won 10 Grammys and so likely "doesn't care" about this loss.

    And plenty more said that Taylor and Ariana themselves would probably be disappointed to see their fans "pitting" the singers against each other.

    And, let's face it, both ladies appeared to have great nights regardless of what went down at the Grammys or on Twitter.

    So can we stop the drama?