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    Tamara Ecclestone Denies That Her Baby Daughter Is Sunburned

    She says her 2-year-old daughter is "a lucky girl who tans quickly".

    Tamara Ecclestone, her husband Jay Rutland, and their adorable 2-year-old daughter Sophia are currently on holiday in the Bahamas.

    However, when Tamara and Jay shared these two images of Sophia, they were accused of allowing her to become sunburned.

    And at one point, Jay responded to one of the comments, saying that an Instagram filter was to blame.

    And it wasn't long before Tamara shared a lengthy caption denying that Sophia was in any way burnt, and instead said she was "lucky" and tans quickly.

    The full comment reads:

    "For all you busy bodies commenting on Sophia's tan she is not burnt in the slightest has been wearing factor 70 and kept out of the mid day sun. She is a lucky girl that tans quickly none the less I am fully aware of the dangers of the sun and she has never burnt. What can I say @jayrutland is partial to a filter calm your boners people."

    And afterwards commenters pointed to a video taken at around the same time as the photos, in which Sophia's complexion is much less red.