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Fans Have Noticed A Connection Between The Name Of Joe Jonas And Sophie Turner’s New Baby Name And "Game Of Thrones"

Of course, it's connected to House Stark too.

I'm sure you've heard the news by now, but if you missed it: Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas are parents!

On Monday night, a representative for the couple confirmed that Sophie had given birth to a baby girl and that she and Joe were "delighted" with their new arrival.

TMZ went on to report that Sophie gave birth in LA on Wednesday July 22, and that she and Joe have named their daughter Willa.

Of course, Sophie is best known for her role as Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones, and the pair have spent a lot of their relationship bonding over their love of the show.

And after hearing the reported name, fans were quick to make a connection between it and the show.

In fact, there were actually two Willas on Game of Thrones.

And while the appearances of both Willas were pretty fleeting in the show, people were quick to point out the connection.

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas just became parents and apparently their daughter is named Willa. And thats a game of thrones name. And a Stark name. That's just so cool I can't. #gameofthrones #joejonas #sophieturner

There was a very minor character named Willa in Game of Thrones she was a Wildling child. Sophie and Joe Jonas just had their daughter and named her Willa. I’m not saying she’s named after the character but it’s a connection and it makes me happy.

Omg Sophie Turner has named her baby girl Willa. A complete Got aka A Song of Ice and Fire reference ❤️ congratulations #GameOfThrones #asongoficeandfire @GRRMspeaking

Whether or not the pair got inspiration from Game of Thrones when deciding their daughter's name remains unclear, but the traditional meanings behind the moniker are "resolute", "protector", and "defender", which is pretty badass in itself.

Congratulations, Joe and Sophie!