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    Sophie Turner And Joe Jonas Got Matching "Toy Story" Inspired Tattoos

    "To infinity and beyond."

    You know Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner, right? They make a pretty adorable couple.

    Something else you may know is that both of them have numerous tattoos with special meanings. For example, Sophie has the initial of her grandather inked on her finger and a reference to her role on Game of Thrones on her arm.

    Joe, meanwhile, has a rope tattoo symbolising family — the two ropes signify his parents, and the four ends signify his brothers.

    And it seems the pair have decided to add to their collection of tattoos with meaningful matching ones.

    Getty Images

    The tattoo artist Bang Bang shared this snap of their tattoos lined up — and it appears they're inspired by the sentiment: "To infinity and beyond" from Toy Story. Joe has the first half of the quote on his arm, just next to the "S" tattoo he had inked in honour of Sophie, and she has the second half on her arm.

    Needless to say, their fans thought it was completely adorable.

    You guys. 💕

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