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    So Kim Kardashian Got Her Assistants To Put Sand On Her Butt For A Photo Shoot

    Yep, really. A girl's got to look her best, after all.

    We all know Kim Kardashian is committed to always looking her best – especially during a photo shoot.

    But she took things to a whole new level during a recent trip to Thailand, where she spent most of her time creating a "selfie book" for husband Kanye West. / E!

    One of the photo shoots for the book involved Kim hitting the beach in a gold bikini, where she posed on the shore.

    But before she could begin posing, Kim told her assistants, "Get the sand on my ass."

    BuzzFeed / E!

    They then proceeded to do just that.

    BuzzFeed / E!

    Yep, really.

    BuzzFeed / E!

    Never change, Kim.

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