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    28 Secrets Former Emo Kids Won't Tell You


    1. You couldn’t leave the house until your eyeliner was perfect, and it involved applying many, many layers.

    2. You had to devote at least 10 minutes of your daily routine to just getting your skinny jeans on.


    3. Most of the time you couldn't wait for the moment when you could take your skinny jeans off and regain circulation.

    The struggle was real there, too.

    4. You didn't really understand why you had to wear your studded belt with the buckle to the side, but you did it anyway.

    5. You pretty much kept the H&M hoodie trade in business.


    6. Sometimes it felt that literally no one understood you apart from Dashboard Confessional and Saves The Day.

    7. The more graphic and depressing the lyric, the more you loved the song. <3

    8. The love you felt for Adam Lazzara and Chris Carrabba remains unrivaled.

    <3 <3

    9. You felt crippling fear at not knowing who the latest cool band was.

    10. Missing the clap in "Sorry You're Not A Winner" was genuinely embarrassing.

    11. And "I'm Not Okay" just SPOKE to you.

    12. Your hair was the bane of your existence.

    13. It took hours to straighten and dye, and if your fringe was gappy it just ruined your day. / Ellie Woodward

    14. You ruined your hair from over-straightening it and it took years to recover.

    Bad hair day 4 lyf.

    15. You basically just had permanent hair envy.



    16. When you saw a boy with snakebites, flesh tunnels and sleeves you fell in love in an instant.

    17. And you knew his jeans were probably bought from Topshop but that just made him hotter.

    18. Any time when you weren't on Myspace, you were thinking about being on it.

    Jo Barrow / BuzzFeed / Via

    19. And you were genuinely excited to get to your computer and log in.

    20. You felt crushing disappointment when you logged into Myspace to find absolutely no new picture comments.

    What's the point in life right now.

    21. You spent more time learning HTML and editing your Myspace profile than you did revising for your A Levels.

    22. You got more upset about Myspace Top 8s than you'd ever care to admit. In fact, it probably caused an argument between you and a friend at some stage.

    23. Your Myspace profile pictures may have looked effortless, but taking a new one involved a photoshoot which could take HOURS.

    24. Most of the time you lied in your Myspace bulletin quizzes to get your crush's attention.

    25. You could never decide whether snakebites or a Monroe was better.

    26. And if you didn't have either it was definitely because your parents wouldn't let you.

    27. The rage you felt when someone called you "scene" was palpable.

    28. But the absolute worst was someone labeling you "emo".