22 Secrets The Kardashians Have Actually Confessed On "The Ellen Show"

    How does she do it?!

    1. Kris Jenner requires her personal assistant to be available 24/7, on call and ready to do anything from dealing with stalkers to making her a cocktail.

    2. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have a "label-less household," which means they remove labels from any visible product in their home.

    3. When it comes to being paid for Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the family are given a lump sum of money and it's up to Kris Jenner how that's divided.

    4. In order to control the constant rumours surrounding them, the Kardashians have a system in place whereby none of the family members speak on behalf of another.

    5. Kris Jenner, who was of course friends with OJ Simpson and Nicole Brown Simpson, was actually supposed to meet Nicole for lunch the day after she was murdered.

    6. Kris also believes that Nicole was going to tell her about the domestic violence she'd experienced and share photos of her injuries during that lunch.

    7. Kylie and Kendall Jenner caught Caitlyn dressed as a woman when they were six and seven, and for the intervening 13 years between then and Caitlyn coming out as transgender, Kylie could sense a "secret" in the family.

    8. Kim Kardashian also had an inkling about Caitlyn's gender dysphoria after hearing a conversation between her dad and his friends referencing Caitlyn's cross-dressing when she was 11 years old.

    9. The first time Kylie "met" Caitlyn was accidental — Caitlyn answered a Facetime call dressed as a woman not realising that Kylie could see her.

    10. Khloé believes her body image struggles were triggered by the death of her dad, and only resolved during her divorce from Lamar Odom.

    11. Khloé also kept her marital problems with Lamar a secret from her family for an entire year.

    12. And, for the first month after Lamar Odom's overdose, no one told him why he had been in a coma nor why he was in hospital.

    13. Kylie didn't tell a single person that she was getting lip fillers because she knew that her family were against it.

    14. Kim's engagement ring from Kris Humphries was a whopping 20.5 carats and cost $2 million.

    15. Kim believes that her Paris robbery was "meant" to happen to her, and has made her less materialistic.

    16. Khloé waited four months to announce her pregnancy on Instagram because, after living life so publicly, she wanted it revealed on her own terms.

    17. Kanye West was so busy playing Connect Four with his friends during the birth of Chicago that Kim had to recruit Kourtney to be her "support system."

    18. Kim doesn't know how her daughter Chicago ended up with that name.

    19. Speaking of names, before settling on Saint for her son, Kim revealed that she liked the name Easton West.

    20. Kylie Jenner used Kris Jenner's face on a whole bunch of Kylie Lip Kit merchandise without telling her.

    21. Kendall Jenner has the word "meow" tattooed on the inside of her lip.

    22. And, finally, Kim once heard Kris Jenner having sex, called her siblings and put the whole thing on speaker phone.