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Rob And Chyna Are Making T-Shirts With Quotes From Their Fights On Them

Well this is an interesting business decision.

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If you've been watching Rob and Chyna, you'll know that the first episode was dramatic as hell.


It featured a scene in which Chyna becomes convinced that Rob is still texting other women, and so she confronts him on a phone call.


The argument quickly escalates to the point where Chyna screams down the phone: "WHY THE FUCK YOU STILL TEXTING BITCHES?"

She goes on to scream: "ARE YOU STILL TEXTING BITCHES? YES OR NO?"

But it seems the pair have moved on from this incident. So much so, in fact, that they've noticed a business opportunity that is sure to make Kris Jenner proud.


Because they've decided to use the argument for the benefit of merchandise, producing T-shirts with the quotes emblazoned across them.

Turns out you can buy one in black or white for a very reasonable $25.

And a lot of people are losing their minds over the merch.

Looks like this could be the start of a brand-new Kardashian empire.